“This is a fantastic book by Valerie Capers Workman who is both a great writer and a wonderful human being!”
– Kim Scott, New York Times Best Selling Author of Radical Candor

In "Quantum Progression: The Art & Science of Career Advancement in the Age of A.I.," Valerie Capers Workman, best known for her leadership role of VP, People at Tesla where she earned the reputation as "Tesla's Top Diversity Advocate," establishes herself as a leading voice at the intersection of AI, Careers and Global Workforce Planning.

In Quantum Progression, Valerie shares invaluable insights into navigating the evolving landscape of career advancement in the era of artificial intelligence. Drawing from her deep understanding of AI’s impact on the workforce, Valerie provides a roadmap for individuals at every level—from Entry-Level to C-Level—to thrive in the age of AI.

In her book, Valerie uses her own career journey to craft not just an inspirational personal narrative but a testament to the power of strategic career progression in the face of traditional corporate structures. Throughout the book, Valerie showcases how her expertise in skill acquisition propelled her career forward, demonstrating how strategic moves and cross-functional collaboration can lead to life-changing success. With a focus on the transferability of skills and excellence, Valerie’s methods offer a refreshing alternative to the conventional ladder-climbing approach to career advancement. Her game-changing strategies, honed over the course of her career, are now more relevant than ever in the rapidly evolving employment landscape shaped by AI.

“Quantum Progression” serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals seeking to future-proof their careers and thrive amidst technological disruption. Whether you’re just starting out or seeking to elevate your career to new heights, Valerie’s insights provide actionable steps for navigating the complexities of the AI-driven workplace. 

If you’re looking to stay ahead in your career journey amidst the rise of AI, “Quantum Progression” is your indispensable GPS for navigating the future of work.

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