Imposter syndrome is real.

Last night I had the pleasure of co-hosting an amazing dinner and I look forward to sharing those details next week. As I prepared to welcome our guests I remembered a time when I felt that I’d never “belong” at a table like this let alone co-host with equal parts ease and joy.

As a professional who has overcome this challenge and coached countless professionals to do the same I know that Imposter Syndrome exists.

The way to overcome is NOT to go find another table. Never pull away because you don’t believe you belong. This is the table where real change happens. Sometimes you will be “the only”. In those moments your presence is usually critical.

If your mental health or peace is on the line then, yes, move on. But if you decide to pull away be sure you are doing so for the right reasons. Never leave simply because your inner voice tells you that you don’t belong. If you are capable of making great things happen then stay seated. Your wins will fuel your confidence and Imposter Syndrome will be in your rear view mirror.